How to prepare for the first lesson, part 1

Every teacher has different opinions about what type of violin, what type of strings and other necessities students should have. In the following text, I will write a few things every beginner should know/get before his/her first lesson. You can save time not turning the first lesson into a “what do I need” seminar and actually start playing.

1. VIOLIN: Don’t bother buying the most expensive one. How can you learn to improve your sound, if the violin already plays itself? I would still recommend a handmade violin, but not more expensive than 1200 Euros. There are a few violin makers in Frankfurt and Frankfurt area. Ask me about them.

If you are not sure about how long you will want to play or if you are a child who needs a smaller violin, you should probably rent one. Some violin makers offer after 3 or 6 months the possibility to buy the instrument. The money payed for the rental can be subtracted out of the price. I will write more about that in another blog post.

2. BOW: The bow should not cost more than ¼ to ½ of the violin’s price. Normally, you get a bow with the violin, but if not, don’t overpay!

3. RESIN: You need it for the bow. It is very important; otherwise the violin will not get any sound out of the violin. I recommend the round ones, because they are easier to use. You should not get the cheapest one, but also you shouldn’t pay more than 12 Euros for it.

4. CASE: If you don’t get a case with the violin, make sure that it provides stability and warmth for the violin. If you already have one and the violin wobbles inside, put a towel over the violin for protection.

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